Join Newcastle Ghost Walks guide and YouTube host Stevie from Exploring Paranormal on a real urban exploration of haunted and abandoned style farm buildings, abandoned graveyards where black rituals and satanic cults use to woodlands haunted by suicide and tragedy. We don't use any actors and this is the realest you can get to urban exploring without falling through a floor of an abandoned building and dying. 

Stevie from Exploring Paranormal will guide you into a old and very haunted buildings, such as the abandoned farm in Durham that's plagued with poltergeist activity where the barns are so haunted we have witnessed furniture stack up, had doors slam in our faces. We have heard snarling and growling sounds from disembodied voices, phantom footsteps in empty rooms and even had things throw at us by unseen entities. Just watch the video and see what happened last time!

Now let's get one thing straight, this is not a ghost hunt. Ghost hunts are old news, nothing really happens as there are way too many folks packed into the event, they take place too late but it leaves you feeling tired and often boardem just sitting waiting for things to happen but on an urban explore it's totally the opposite, only 8 of us to a site at any one time so we don't have loads of background noise from 60 other ghost hunters, we don't have loads of big overheads so the price reflects this, its £24.99 instead of £80 per person. 

Above video: Stevie your host will guide you through the haunted urban explore and keep you entertained throughout the explore. In this video Stevie visits the actual haunted location you will visit, this is what happened last time!

How It Started: We would scout out haunted locations for ghost hunts and we noticed, when it was just our crew inside the building with no guests things would happen to us. We stopped taking all of the paranormal setup and equipment and went with just us and our cameras to document the decaying history of old buildings but it was during these urban haunted explores that we would see, hear and smell things to having full blown paranormal activity right in front of us and the fear was real but it is also a rush to witness doors open and slam on you, have a book hurled across the room at you or be alone in a empty room only to notice the ceiling light swinging side to side violently or been chased by an old persons zima frame as in the video above!

Above video: Stevie from Exploring Paranormal took two separate groups of 8 people on a explore of a haunted barn and woodland, they get allot more than they expected as things get thrown around, the groups record phantom voices, doors slam shut on them and much more. Watch the whole video to see if your brave enough to take part.


On this fantastic tour and the only tour of its kind in the world where you can actually go with a real urban explorer to a building that you may or may not have permission to be in, the thrill of breaking the rules and the not knowing what you will find will keep in on edge at all times. You will be led in a  small crew as film documentary makers using your own phones as cameras so you can keep any footage you capture during this haunted explore. You will visit key buildings that we plan to venture in to such as old abandoned style barns full of junk, burnt out rooms to a woodland where people go to kill themselves and that we call the suicide forest, this may mean climbing through a window or upon broken or damaged ground and steps as you go watching your step and your back as you never know who or what you may bump into in the dead of night in the darkest recess of an dilapidated building. Last time we visited the haunted farm explore we witnessed a group of people performing a satanic ritual in the woods, after they left we found evidence of blood and occult symbols. This area is believed to be haunted by a demonic presence and we have been attacked here by unseen hands, we have been scratched and even pulled down to the ground.

Although we don't actually go looking for the dead they definitely seem to find us, we think this is due to the fact the dead feels like we are trespassing maybe as we technically could be! You see, you end up engrossed in the video or photo talking part, looking at abandoned items and its when your distracted the hauntings happen. While in some of the areas we will take part in dares such as alone challenges, haunted hide and seek with a demonic Ouija board where we will hide it, everyone splits up and goes to try and find it alone in the dark where anything can happen, just you and a camera in a abandoned haunted building and this is what creates a buzz and adrenaline rush but each explore is different. When you click on the explores below it will tell you in the description what that explore is all about. .

Stevie your guide will also have a few paranormal tools such as the K2 meter, PBSB Spirit Box or EMF meters etc. We also have a haunted Ouija board challenge which could leave you a little haunted if your not careful. But the Haunted Ouija Board Challenge is on its own explore as we know some folks are way to scared of the Ouija board but that's part of the fun. 

What I will tell you is to make sure you can run if need be as it can get scary and we sometimes have to run, hike or walk to these areas and even climb through windows or over rubBle. If there are locks your guide will lock pick them open so you can enter! Join us if you dare for this epic 2.5 to 3 hour adventure. See blow at the bottom of the page for the next explore!



Below, photos from past urban explorers, we often get different locations when we find them and if we think the public can be as safe as possible going inside them then we will then open them up for you guys to attend with us but each person has to sign a life waiver as we cant be responsible for your life or wellbeing at all, we can advise and watch out for you guys but it means you have to pay attention to your guide at all times.


Below in the photos you can see we found an exorcism room in an abandoned orphanage that dated back to the 1800s. The walls had bloody scratches down them by a bed and there were fingernails still in the wall. We believe it dated back to the 1960's by the decor and lamps in the rooms along with toys. The bed photo is spooky, the room had a bed with a large image of christ carved into the headboard with writing in latin engraved into it and it's about expelling demons. The bed also had shackles and ties and we found a pray book. on the floor and a holy water bottle. The legend on that one was that it was a child's home that had been closed due to TB and we found toys to prove it and they moved by themselves when we were in the rooms, the place was left abandoned since the 1960's. A local women told us that a young girl was possessed and taken to the home which was a catholic based home to where they tried to rid her of the demon but the demon was released and the priest attacked everyone before falling down a staircase and dying and now he haunts that site...


Its legends like this and wanting to see the sites that drives urban exploring and the macabe mindset to want to see where these things happen. This is the real deal, urban exploring in haunted locations are pure fear but in a good way.




Urban exploring is where people enter buildings of areas without permission to photograph or film the abandoned location, some do it for fun and to explore forgotten buildings and as they go they unearth a mystery but every once in a while you figure out that the reason the building or location is abandoned is due to it be extremely haunted and the old owners have either died or could not handle the haunting and no one would buy it so they leave everything behind as they don't know what's haunted.


Then you discover it during a urban explore which makes for some fantastic viewing and scares when you watch your footage back and see doors close behind you, black shadow people or cupboards open by themselves but at the time you may not of noticed, it's only when you watch the footage back you see the haunting.. On these tours we have locations just like that that you can visit with Stevie and explore using your phone as a camera with alone challengers and even using some ghost hunting gadgets as we go.

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Abandoned style haunted farm with old barns and haunted woodlands. 



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A graveyard that's used for black rituals along with a visit to a poltergeist dungeon.



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Woodland haunted by a witch with a satanic ritual site and suicide forest.



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