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Durham's Ghost Walk the Haunting of Finchale Farm in Chester Le Street near Sunderland is one of most scary ghost walking tours that is a part in door and outdoor tour.  This location is so haunted Steven J Taylor is currently penning a new book all about the sites haunted history which dates back to the 800s and has been used as Benedictine priory for the order of black monks to seeing many tragic deaths and even suicides. It is one of the most haunted places we have visited in the UK and we and others firmly believe it has a demonic haunting



The Haunting of Finchale Farm is one of our most scary tours that we offer apart from the urban exploring which is on a different level of fear.  The Haunting of Finchale Farm is based in Chester Le Street at Finchale Farm or what the locals call Finchale Abbey which is famous for its Benediction Priory that dates back to the 1200s but that site also houses some very old and haunted barns and store rooms which date back to the 1200's too and these have seen some sinister history and sadly some very nasty deaths over the 800 years of life, pestilence,.murder and tragedy. 

The Haunting of Finchale Farm is a 2 to 3 hour walking tour of the most haunted areas at Finchale, your guide will retell each horrid story from  modern day tragedy to historical facts as the guide brings back these ghostly legends of phantom black monks, which are ghostly black shapes often seen in hooded black clothing to a demonic entity that haunts the sites to where the current owners actually called in a priest to carry out a full exorcism of the property and land after they had to many issues with evil spirits such as been pinned in there beds, there children talking to an old man that kept enticing them into the attic. With legends of a evil witch dating back to the 1100's and a pagan ritual stone, stories of how Godric of Finchale killed the witch who was drowned and buried below a old pond to where a whaling gray hag is seen today, demonic rituals taking place when people have broken into the historical Abbey site which led to the site owners finding suicide victims hanging in the forest along with a hundred year old curse that is said to plague the river where many people have drowned.

The Haunting of Finchale Farm will guide you through old haunted barns, down dark pathways into the devil's woods where people have found suicide victims and even one of our guides has been pulled down to the floor by unseen hands. This tour covers real stories, real hauntings in the places they happened, hear each account of paranormal attacks in total darkness only lit by candle of torch light.

Your guide will make contact with the dead if the audience want to, this can create a terrifying but fun ghost walking tour as we have witnessed stones been thrown, bangs on walls, people passing out or been pushed over along with sightings of everything from black masses to a ghostly girl, we have heard phantom hummining and people have seen black monks around the site and that's just to name a few of the hauntings. 

The Haunting of Finchale Farm has to be one of the most scary due to the fact it is in such a quiet location with no one around, no cars or city noise so sounds can be head such as ghostly whispers or stones been thrown to footsteps that follow you in the darkness and in this darkness there is real darkness at the site, it can be jet black with something demonic that haunts the blackness.


This site is on rough terrain with tree roots crossing pathways to small stairways, single file paths by a sheer drop river that's claimed many lives so sadly this ghost walk is not for anyone with a disability due to the terrain and areas we cover. I would definitely recommend that that you also bring a torch to help see where you are going and expect to be very scared.


Finchale Farm Ghost Photo www.newcastleg
footprint from a ghost, haunting of finc
ghost monk behind ghost walkers at Finch

Photo 1, a black misted demonic entity captured inside the farm house while taking photos for a broucher, notice the photographer in the mirror and a 3rd arm reaching above him. Moment later he had a burning feeling and his back and neck had been scratched with 3 deep scratches, said to be the sign of a demonic haunting.

Photo 2, a ghost walker captures what we believe is a ghost of a monk following us at the farm, we could not see anyone behind us at the time but this photo shows a apparition of a monk in black robes and no face, just a shape with no detail. A psychic believes it is actually the women in gray which makes sense as it was by the location people believe to have seen her.

Photo 3, a ghostly barefoot print that showed up at the farm after hearing banging on the door, upon answering there was wet footprints at the door that did not leave, moments later this was photographed in the farmhouse just inside the door. Whatever we could not see, walked in to the house. Possibly a victim that drowned in the river, we have had over 112 that we could find who have died on the river by the farm, said to be due to a curse.

We have seen countless black monks or what look like black shadow shapes that walk and move around the site from seeing them in windows around the abbey as you pass by or actually hearing chanting like sounds echo around the site. Although the main farm house is not in the walk as its a self catering high end luxury apartment that people can hire and spend the night, we have carried out a full paranormal investigation into the main farm house where we have witnessed doors open by themselves, door handles move, we heard footsteps in empty rooms and even captured the above ghost image which is at the top of the page, the photo was captured on a locked of motion sensing camera in broad daylight that we believe is the ghost of a woman known as the gray lady who haunts the farm. Although we don't go in this one building we do stop outside it where people have seen a man with a large beard looking from one of the windows but the best was when around 9 of us witnessed a large wooden cross come unhooked on the wall in the haunted room and swing and hang upside down. 


We have had many sitting around the site from a group of men in Elizabethan clothing with two large Irish wolfhounds to a women in gray searching the reeds by the river, we have a young boy that has been seen on the river bank and even a world war 2 soldier as many don't even know that the farm was bombed due to the underground tunnels for the military artillery storage on the site.


We have also encountered demonic activity around the site, in barn 1 we have had furniture stack up, a light that will swing by itself along with doors that open and bang closed, light bulbs that explode, stones and rocks thrown and people pass out. This barn also hosts a few haunted items that are housed here. Barn 2 we have had a women pushed over or as she claims "picked up and thrown". She did land around 8ft from where she was standing along with a deep growling, bangs on the walls and things been thrown but one of the most creepy was a old persons zimmer frame with wheels which we all heard squeaking and when we looked it had moved about 15ft into the middle of the barns.


In what we call the suicide forest or woodland is where Steve one of our guides was attacked in front of 40 ghost walkers on a halloween tour as he was dressed as a black monk, during one of the stories he was violently grabbed and dragged to the ground and around 4ft along the floor much to the shock of the ghost walkers which many ran in fear. We call it the suicide forest as we know of as many as 19 deaths here with 3 of them in the last year. One victim who will remain nameless actually cut his own wrists and hung himself from a tree to the horror of Peter and Nick who work at the site and found the body and blood. 

Most recently as of August and September 2018 builders and workers who have been pointing the old walls and fitting a new roof on the barn that we call the witches barn had there tools vanish and reappear around the workmen's site, they have came in the morning to find the site trashed to finding the cement mixer on and running, they have had rocks thrown at them and have heard a women crying. One of the workers refused to return after he was pushed from the ladders and scratched by an unseen entity.


Check out this videos where our own Stevie from Exploring Paranormal takes two groups of urban explorers to this haunted old abandoned style farm that houses a Ouija board that is possessed by a demon called ZOZO, witness things been thrown, scary EVP's, demonic activity and extreme poltergeist activity. 

If you come to this tour then you will be in the locations in this video!

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Scary AF

We heard a person say "help me" in the room, we turned the lights on to see wet bare footprints by us as the guide was telling about the drownings on the river. 

David King

The most scared I have ever been, this was a really good ghost walk , way better than anything I have done before. Watch out for the woods, is all I will say!

I Screamed So Loud

The barn is very creepy and we all seen a black shape like a monk in the room by us then, EMF made a sound a loud bang sent everyone screaming for the door.



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