Learn of low magic spells, incantations and charms, psalms used in witchcraft still to this day, learn about the Newcastle cunning folk and how they would meet the man in black and the pacts they made with him to gain their powers. Find out about the witch’s beasts that of toad, hare, black dog, raven, crow and goat. See a real blackthorn blasting rod that belonged to a witch from the 1700's, the rod was used to spell live-stock and to curse anyone who dare cross the witch. Dare use some of the witch’s tools to see into the spirit world and hear how the witches used lost souls, spirit and spirit guides to do their bidding and witness a real witch summon the dead and see what happens next!


A witch about to be hung on the Town Moor in 1649, hear the story on the Newcastle Witches Ghost Walk


See the sights of one of Newcastle’s witch prisons to where we will re-in act a fun but wicked persecution of one of the ghost walkers. With crowd participation the guide will bring to life the darkness of witch’s night, 1649 a night that seen the Newcastle witch trials start with the ring of a bell and greed along with a lust for torture will ignite the witch hunts of Newcastle that result in over 30 people locked in 2 prisons in the city, some accused of murder, some of bloodletting and others of dark folk magic. On the right a witch hangs on the old Town Moor!


Newcastle Witchcraft Trials will guide you to many sites from the witch’s prison at the Castle Keep to a haunted site said to be cursed by a cunning man who spelled the area with an elemental spirit in the ancient times. All the way to the witch’s graveyard, from the Prison to the Grave is the name of your tour guides new book based on the Newcastle Witches. Your tour guide is a real folk witch with a wealth of information. Next you will walk the witches walk down to the old courthouse at the old town hall, on the way you will stop at each haunted site as your regaled in the skin tingling stories of the dead witches.


See the back of the bricked-up Mathew Bonner Witch House that was recently discovered or so it’s believed. Mathew Bonner also known as Bulmer was accused of sorcery and dark arts, it’s said he shape shifted into a black cat named vinegar to lure children to their deaths in a nearby Village known as Winlaton.


You will see the site of Isab Browns house where she took park in bloodletting for curses and animal sacrifice to call upon the man in black. The site is said to be haunted by a dark apparition. On knocking down most of the house builders reported been scratched and hearing a women signing, witch bottles and a bricked up cat were also found in the walls and so work stopped DEAD.


We will pass by one of the old buildings believed to be haunted by a Puritan who forced cotton wool into the witches mouths and pins in to their skin in a small backroom that was discovered during a renovation in the late 1990's, the room was also believed to be used for the press gangs. To date the building has many ghosts and one of our tour guides has a fantastic story to tell of the Witch inquisitor and how he attacked our tour guide and witch.

Your next stop will be the old town hall, a place that is now a thriving bar and restaurant but back in the 1649 - 50 it was the site of the Newcastle Witch Trials where witches were placed on trial and pricked with long needles to prove the guilt. The old town hall is well haunted with 3 mystery fires almost destroying the place, phantom smells of burnt candles, a man seen sitting in the upper room and a lady’s ghost seen walking the back staircase.


Even the court yard is haunted, people have heard the horses hoofs and the back of the building is built on to an old street known as The Close where a tragic fire killed 12 prostitutes in the 1800's, one of the ladies of the night was known for her tea leaf readings and speaking with the dead.


This tour is not like any tour you've taken before! We've been thrilling our audiences for almost a decade and all of us including the dead are waiting for you to be next in line for a frightmare. This tour is interactive and takes crowd participation to make the tour a night to remember.


Only £9.99 per person Age limit - Strictly Over 16 Years of age only


Where do the tours start from?

All our tours start & end at the Castle Keep in Newcastle. You can find the exact location by using the app - What 3 Words​


How long do the tours last?

All our tours last approximately 1.5 hours but may over run if paranormal activity occurs on the tour.

NEW - The Witchery Tour - Newcastle

  • Tours starts OUTSIDE the Castle Keep main at the bottom of the steps (Opposite the Bridge Hotel)

    You can find the exact location by using the What 3 Words app

    The address is Castle Garth, Newcastle Tyne and Wear, NE1 1RQ.  We ask that customers meet 15 minutes before the tour starts.

    Your Guide will be waiting to check you in at the start of the tour

    Tour lasts approx. 1.5 hours

    Please note the tour starts at the Castle Keep & NOT the Black Gate.

    No refunds are given to customers who show up late to the tour or who are unable to find the Castle Keep!  

    Please refer to our terms & conditions on our website.