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Created by entrepreneur writer, radio host, and paranormal investigator Steven J Taylor

Newcastle Ghost Walks was created by Steven J Taylor the creator of Haunted City Tours and Alone In The Dark Entertainment.

Steven is an award winning tour guide, historian, entrepreneur and radio host and launched the UK's first FM paranormal radio show along with been a published author and has written 3 books on hauntings and ghosts to ghost hunting. Steven has also been written about in 14 different books along with appearing on many TV shows in the UK and America.

Steven was a leading private paranormal investigator till 2016 when he retired from private case work, he has worked on over 1000 cases in the UK dealing with everything from demonic possession to poltergeists. Steven is a keen urban explorer and launched Paranormal Explorers a youtube show that has recently been picked up by a television company pending contracts. 

Steven is one of our best guides and welcomes you to the Newcastle Ghost Walks.


Above: Steven J Taylor back lit for a paranormal TV show at a haunted Abbey which aired on the Really TV Network.

The Newcastle Ghost Walks in Newcastle upon Tyne have ran for over decade and were first established in 2007 with just one tour The Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk of Newcastle which is a five star award winning tour that's been featured on many TV shows and in the press many times. Its seen over 30.000 people attend with over 4000 reported paranormal or unexplained incidents on the tours. Today Newcastle Ghost Walks have 4 main tours in Newcastle but play host to specialist and one off tours, classic tours which only run for a short time such as the Black Death Ghost Walk which is the only plague based ghost walk outside of London.

Newcastle Ghost Walks also offer a range of extreme ghost walks where you can use paranormal tools to the evil and sinister Ouija board. Newcastle Ghost Walks also offer the world's only Haunted Urban Exploration tours of an abandoned style farm in Durham.

We are an adult based company that dont fake or trick anyone or use actors to deliver jump scares as our content and stories, locations and the reality of what's happening during the tour is enough to petrify you. 



Above: on the left is award winning tour guide and demonologist David Marshal who is one of our Newcastle Ghost Walk guides for over ten years. On the right is Steven J Taylor the founder, award winning guide and writer. 

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