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Where does the tour start and end?


It depends on each tour, we advise the location or start and end in the tour description in our ticket shop and also in each tour about us page. If you are unsure you can contact us on 07525639943 for more information. 

Till Death Tour Start Point, Ghosts f the Garth Tour Start Point, Newcastle's 13 Tour Start Point, Wicked Newcastle Tour Start Point, Haunting of Finchale Farm Tour Start Point. 

Is this tour scary?

Each of our tours are aimed to scare and shock, some are more mild than other tours but you are booking a ghost walk our guided tour which means it will be scary and dark and you have a good chance of experiencing something paranormal or something that could affect you.  We do use adult content on these tours such as bad language, references to sexual content or horrific crimes. We also use paranormal tools on some tours, these tools vary from just EMF meters to Ouija boards, haunted items to spiritual tools.

Are the tours safe?

Yes, each of our tours are as safe as possible unless we advise otherwise in the tour description but we aim to keep them as safe as we can on each tour, we use torches and stick to routs such as pathways but each tour can be different, some tours are not on a normal pathway, they can take place in woodlands and be very dark. We do recommend that you bring a torch and use sturdy footwear and understand you could slip or trip and fall on uneven ground. We do deliver jump scares such as shocks in the tours.

Can children come on the tour?

All our public tours are for people 16 years & over only due to some of the explicit content.  If you are comfortable with your child being on a tour with adult content then we can make an acceptation with the Managers prior approval, you must get approval before booking tickets for the tour. We can allow them to attend along as they are accompanied by their parent/guardian on the tour at all times.  If you book a private tour we can tailor the content to suite the age group attending.

How long is the tour?

It depends on each tour, we advise in each tours description on the length of time but we advise that you always leave plenty of time either side of the tour as some tours can over run. If we have a sold out tour and a ghost walker captures a photo and everyone will want to see it and take photos will take up time or likewise if were are experiencing something paranormal on a tour then people may want to spend more time on it and this can extend the tour time.


Sadly none of our tours are wheelchair friendly due to geography and makeup of historical sites such as ruins, staircases, winding steps, steep uneven staircases, small walls which we may climb up and over to access hidden rooms, grass embankments where the ground could be slippery to woodlands where the paths are single file pathways over fallen trees or large roots. We can adapt two of our main tours by using different routes but this will cut out some stories but we can do this on private group tours and add different content to create a specialist tour for private hire. 


Please make sure you have suitable footwear and clothing for the tour, weather etc.

Parking can be busy in Newcastle, we recommend arriving 30 minutes before the tour, our Durham tours have a private car park.

We are a dog friendly tour as long as your dog is friendly

You can view our full Terms & Conditions


If you would like to find out more information, I would be more than happy to help. Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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