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If STILL REQUIRED - ALL participants on our tours must provide themselves FACE COVERINGS and MUST be worn through out the tour.

We have also implemented social distancing rules which we ask ALL our customers to follow for everyone's safety.

Halloween in Newcastle upon Tyne is the perfect opportunity to visit the Newcastle Ghost Walks that each year host a range of haunted tours around Newcastle taking place within the castle grounds down old cobble lanes to ghost walks of the old Quayside and into haunted abandoned graveyards. This years NEW tour is The Newcastle Witchery Tour  which is selling fast. to our very scary and award winning Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk in Newcastle or go behind the scenes of the Newcastle Ghost Walks best selling tour with our NEW ghost walk, Ghost of the Garth. If you want more of a historical tour then check out our very own dark history tour that still features ghostly stories but focuses on the rich history of old Newcastle on our Newcastle 13 Haunted History Tour. Click Here for our Halloween Night Tours!


Newcastle Ghost Walks have all of the best tours for anyone wanting to celebrate Halloween with a traditional ghost walk of the most haunted ares in Newcastle upon Tyne and Northeast. Each of our tours offer full crowd participation with costume tour guides that light the way with old oil lamps and candles, special props such as real artefacts from the witch trials to items you can use to speak to the dead such as EMF meters, Spirit Boxes and so much more.

Bellow you can find and book for ghost walks this Halloween in Newcastle or you can download some of our scary content, from local ghost story books, short documentaries and even forms to see if your home or business is haunted plus much more.