As of 24/09/20 the Government will introduce a 10 pm Curfew Rule which means we are only running 1 tour per night at 7 pm. ALL participants on our tours must provide themselves FACE COVERINGS and MUST be worn through out the tour.We have also implemented social distancing rules which we ask ALL our customers to follow for everyone's safety.


Join our paranormal investigator as your guide on this Special Ghost Walk as he starts his walk back in time from one of the UK’s most haunted Castle’s and prisons The Castle Keep.


Find out the truth about Most Haunted when they visited The Castle Keep and gory story of The Black Monk that is said to be responsible for paranormal attacks on the public, castle employees and even our guides . See the site of the of the 1649 Newcastle witch trials, walk in their footsteps and find out why there souls are still bound to this earth. Hear of Newcastle’s most gruesome hangings and killings as you stand in the murder sites of Daniel Feany the Victorian serial killer. 


The tour climaxes with a visit to the Black Gate execution and Poltergeist site as your guide will attempt along with you to give energy to the lost soul of a young girl that was murdered at the site and the most seen of all the ghosts to see if she will show herself to on lookers.

Friday 13th Ghost Tour NEWCASTLE

Friday 13th Ghost Tour NEWCASTLE
  • Please note that this tour runs from the side of the Newcastle Castle or whats known by locals as the Castle Keep over from the Bridge Hotel Pub. Please arive at least 15 minutes before your tour starts. 


    Address: Newcastle Castle, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE11RQ


    This tour starts at 7pm or 9pm (CHECK YOUR BOOKING)

    This tour ends back at the start of the tour

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