Est 2007 the Newcastle Ghost Walk is the ORIGINAL Ghost Walk in Newcastle and has ran successfully for over 13 years! Awarded in the top 5 Most Haunted Ghost Walks, It has won golden tourist awards and has been seen on TV, heard on the radio and read about in many books.


With the use of adult geordie humour we delve into the blood-curdling parts of Newcastle’s twisted haunted history. Learn of the Newcastle witches to unscrupulous characters that still haunt the old lanes to the grisly details of our most prolific killers who haunt old Newcastle. With the use of ghost hunting tools we will try and contact the spirit of a young girl who haunts one of our sites. The Newcastle ghost walk offers visitors a thrill like no other attraction in Newcastle. This tour is aimed at an adult audience and children are not allowed on this tour. Tor lasts approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on paranormal activity.


Join our paranormal investigator as your guide on the Newcastle Til Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk as he starts his walk back in time from one of the UK’s most haunted Castle’s and prisons, The Castle Keep. Find out the truth about Most Haunted when they visited The Castle Keep and gory story of The Black Monk that is said to be responsible for paranormal attacks on the public, castle employees and even our guides, walk with our paranormal investigator as he visits real haunted location and uses his new age paranormal ghost hunting equipment such as EMF to communicate with the dead. See the site of the of the 1649 Newcastle witch trials, walk in their footsteps and find out why there souls are still bound to this earth. Hear of Newcastle’s most gruesome hangings and killings as you stand in the murder sites of Daniel Feany the Victorian serial killer. See the Black Gate Poltergeist and execution pit where thousands of ghost walkers have had unexplainable experiences from been pushed, grabbed, scratched to seeing phantom black shadow people, hearing growls and seen items thrown by invisible hands.


The tour climaxes with a visit to the Black Gate execution and Poltergeist site as your guide will attempt along with you to give energy to the lost soul of a young girl that was murdered at the site and the most seen of all the ghosts to see if she will show herself to onlookers, keep your cameras at the ready...


Only £9.99  per person - Over 16 Years Of Age Only


COVID-19 Rules & Guidelines

You are required to wear a face covering during the tour.  We do not provide face masks so please make sure you bring your own.  During the tour we must ensure that groups of no more than 6 stand at least 1-2 meters apart & maintain this distance throughout the tour.  We have reduced the number of attendees on our tours to help with social distancing. 


NO Smoking or Vaping during the tour

We must insist there is NO Smoking or Vaping by any customers while on the tour. Eating & Drinking is also not allowed during the tour as you are required to wear your face mask at ALL TIME.

Til Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk NEWCASTLE

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Til Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk NEWCASTLE
  • WHERE TO MEET - Tours starts OUTSIDE the Castle Keep main at the bottom of the steps (Opposite the Bridge Hotel).  Your Guide will be waiting to check you in at the start of the tour ~ Tour lasts approx. 1.5 hours ~ The address is Castle Garth, Newcastle Tyne and Wear, NE1 1RQ.  We ask that customers meet 10 minutes before the tour starts. Please note the tour starts at the Castle Keep & NOT the Black Gate. No refunds are given to customers who show up late to the tour or who are unable to find the Castle Keep!  Please refer to our terms & conditions on our website.

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