Newcastle's Original Ghost Walk Since 2007

Newcastle's Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk is a multi award winning guided tour based in Newcastle upon Tyne that's seen over 30.000 ghost walkers take part in of the UK most paranormally active tours where as many as 4000 people have actually made statements to having witnessed ghosts, black shadow people to been attacked by unseen hands and thousands more that were too scared to give a statement.


Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk was the first official all year long ghost walk in Newcastle upon Tyne that first hosted ghost walkers around our old route back in 2007 which has changed each year since and grew into a multi award winning ghost tour and is still our most sought after ghost walking tour in the UK due to its very odd paranormal activity where many people have witnessed ghost sightings, paranormal encounters and even demonic attacks. This tour has been featured on ITV, BBC, Discovery along with many radio shows and hundreds of press articles and been written about in 14 books by local and national writers.

The Newcastle Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk mixes the dark and mysteries history of a very old and haunted Newcastle city with the ancient ruins of the old castle garth as its constantly changing backdrop to our ghastly stories and that lets our expert guides bring to life the treacherous past of old Newcastle's history through art of ghost storytelling mixed with a rich geordie humour that shocks and entertains. 

The Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk in Newcastle upon Tyne allows you to walk through time, discovering hidden parts of this dark and haunted gothic city from its old workhouses to abandoned graveyards, a house connected to witchcraft , old prison and castle, dungeons to sites of evil murders as the ghost walk guide delivers shocks and laughs and the unknown stories of each haunted locations we visit.

The Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk of Newcastle takes place in the oldest part of Newcastle by the Newcastle Castle set in the Castle Garth and follows its own route around the most haunted sites stopping as you go to bring out the dead with local myths and legends from the most common and unknown stories to local ghost stories that have happened to our guides over the last decade. 

The Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk starts outside the haunted Castle Keep prison over from the Victorian pub called the Bridge Hotel.


Spirit Girl

I was so scared but this was a fantastic tour and i am booking my next tour tonight. Thanks again.

Sam and Crew

Super scary night, we loved using the ghost gadgets and the tour was epic good. 


We legit heard growling in the pit then stones got thrown at us and the EMF  machine went nuts


May to August

on the last Sunday evening of each month at 9pm

September till May

on the last Sunday of each month at 7pm


Newcastle Castle Keep Steps, opposite the Bridge Hotel Pub Doors,

Castle Garth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE11RQ

 | TEL.+44 07525639943

+44 (0)7525639943

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