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Newcastle's Historical Ghost Walk 

Newcastle's 13 Ghost Walk is based on the a book by horror and paranormal writer Steven J Taylor. This tour is totally uneek to Newcastle and takes in up to 13 haunted and mysteries sites that claim to have anything from poltergeist activity to a dark and twisted history. Discover old forgotten buildings in back lanes where tragedy once struck from old theatres and hotels to the castle, hear of the brutal history of Newcastle upon Tyne

Tour not running at the moment


Newcastle's 13 is a historical guided ghost walk of the one of the UK's most haunted cities with a rich and dark history that our expert award winning guide Steven J Taylor will bring to life as you stand at each haunted and mysterious location based on the new book by Steven J Taylor by the same name, Newcastle 13. The book like the tour explores some of the most creepy historical locations given the audience a inside look at a descriptive and bloody past where you are most likely to come face to face with the dead. 

Newcastle's 13 ghost walking historical tour starts at the very haunted Royal Station Hotel just by the Newcastle Central Train Station and makes its way through a walking route of old back lanes, historical building that have been long forgotten to a ancient graveyard giving the true and rich history of Newcastle upon Tyne as you hear stories of ghosts, local legends and mccabe brutal histories.

This tour is aimed at visitors or locals with a interest in the darker site or tourism that want to hear of poltergeist activity but don't want to experience it. The tour takes main streets and points out buildings of interest from gothic architecture to plague burial sites, locations of historical tragedies, murders and executions. Most of these locations are places you can visit during the day and explore more of the dark history as you go.

This tour route does have steps, although not many it is not wheelchair friendly and some of the sites are quite scary but this tour is aimed to be a mild tour that's more about the bloody history rather than the paranormal. Although we do our best to keep it like this the stories are real, things can happen on the tours such as people feeling sick or been touched by unseen hands, hearing odd sounds or smelling long sins lost smells like burning coke fires or horse manure to sweets.

Above at the top of the page you can see a video from the Royal Station Hotel in Newcastle that has glass bottles brake and smash by a poltergeist or an angry spirit. No pun intended. The video was sent to us for one of our researchers to have a look at its dark history which spawned this tour. 

The tour starts from the front of the Royal Station Hotel in Newcastle on selected dates. Its best to visit our ticket shop for new dates and when the tour operates. The tour takes around 1. 5 hours to complete but can over run.


Nick Dean

We loved seeing the Gothic buildings and discovering there dark and ghostly history.

Bevily Scott

Fantastic ghost walk, such a hidden history and I loved the history about the Newcastle Witches.

The Amsterdam Students

We loved this tour, even in the day time this tour was still quite creepy and scary but fascinating.



Royal Station Hotel

Neville St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DH

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