This tour picks up where the Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk leaves off with Steven J Taylor as your host. Steven brings his real life encounters back from there shadowy graves, each story is a real true encounter from over decade of tours and the attacks he has seen and been victim to. This tour uses paranormal tools to commune with the dead!


Ghosts of the Garth is based on the new online best selling ebook by Steven J Taylor and his ghostly experiences as a paranormal investigator and tour guide on the Newcastle Ghost Walks. 

Ghosts of the Garth is an extremely scary ghost walking tour where your guide Steven J Taylor recalls real life encounters with entities, demonic possession and violent paranormal attacks on unsuspecting victims as well as himself. Steven also gives incite into some of the best kept secrets of the Garth from hidden tunnels, abandoned graveyard and the devils house, a building used for satanic rituals and murder which is now boarded up and left abandoned. 

Ghosts of the Garth is a series of haunting true encounters with the dead that's taken over decade of research to put together the real life stories of lives lost and what the Castle Garth was once like with glimpses into the dark history of a Irish immigrant ghetto of the 1800s where real murderers stalked the back lanes and life was so poor suicide was the easy way out. This tour features old stories from the Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk that were deemed too scary to use as every time we used them on the tour the dead would react with people been scratched and even bitten,pushed and hit by unseen but felt hands. 

Ghosts of the Garth also goes to the older parts where the main tour can't go due to insurance reasons as we have actually found dead people in these areas. You will hear of the terrifying encounters of finding real dead bodies from real modern murders to drug overdoses and suicide.

Steven also a paranormal investigator will also have a few of his ghost hunting tools with him that you will use on the tour in some areas to make contact with whatever is haunting that location at that time. 

This tour can be terrifying with a very high chance of experiencing real paranormal activity and it can affect you in many ways. 

This tour lasts 2 hours and starts in the Castle Garth outside the Newcastle, Castle Keep prison and ends at the same place. 


James Clark

I was standing alone when i heard a snarling sound and seen a black shadow and a rock hit me, but no one passed me to get out of the pit. It vanished


It  felt like i was been strung up by rope, i could feel it around my neck, I was so scared and it left these red marks!

Tim Berry

I took a photo and this ghostly shape was standing in the darkness, the place went cold and we heard footsteps but there was no one there!


September till May Only

on the last Sunday of each month at 9pm


Newcastle Castle Keep Steps, opposite the Bridge Hotel Pub Doors,

Castle Garth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE11RQ

 | TEL.+44 07525639943

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