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A Guided Walking Tour of Newcastle's Witchcraft Past

The Newcastle Witchery Tour is a guided walk of old Newcastle upon Tyne that takes you back 369 years to the old folkloric days of the Newcastle Witchcraft Trials of 1649 and 1650 with a real traditional folk witch as your tour guide and soothsayer. 


The Newcastle Witchery Tour is a lamp lit tour about the Newcastle witches and history of witchcraft in the north of England. Newcastle the ancient city has a dark past just like that of the Pendle Witch trials of 1612 or the Essex Witchcraft trials of the 15 -16 hundreds. Many people remember the Salem witch trials and the innocent people that were executed all over the world. But if you asked most people in Newcastle they would not have a clue that we have this amazing historical past right at their fingertips and that it was part of one of the UK's largest witch trials. 


Now you can learn of the great Scottish Witch Trials that effected Northumberland where witches were once burned for their crimes. Newcastle was once part of this old land and seen 30 witches accused, tortured and imprisoned by the town council, 28 would die with 14 of them been hung by the neck till dead and now you can walk with The Newcastle Witchery Tour around the ancient city and see such buildings as the Castle within the Castle Garth one of the witch prisons and location where the witches were tortured, tread on the old old cobble pathways, the same one the accused witches walked where you can find a home of one of the supposed Newcastle witch's and hear his story and how he was tortured and eventually hung. Discover the old haunted buildings on Newcastle Quayside dating back to the 1500's and hear of there connection to the Newcastle witch trials along with the old hall and court they were accused within only on the The Newcastle Witchery Tour and uncover the hidden sites related to Newcastle's witchcraft past..

Newcastle Witchcraft Trials, Newcastle W

Above image: The man in black or better known as the devil rides through the sky with witches upon broomsticks. It is said that a witch gives themselves to the devil. Is this true?  Does the devil play a role in traditional witchcraft? Did the witches eat babies? Find out on The Newcastle Witchery Tour.

Your tour guide is a real folk witch, that means he practices a non wiccan, non pagan form of witchcraft with no religions tide to the practice which is based on folklore customs found within witchcraft records and history. The foundation of his practice is based on traditional witchcraft. 

The tour guide has a few key items that points to him being a folk witch such as the blackthorn cane, used in cursing and blasting, he will have about him many curios related to folk witchcraft and he communes with the spirits of the dead as you will witness during the tour. 

Your guide is also a writer and has a very popular Instagram account based on folk witchcraft. You can follow his posts  @exploringwitchcraft  and find out more about traditional witchcraft and folkwitches. 

Our resident cunning man also offer a range of services from readings to aid in all aspects of life. He can also make one off ritual items and offers one to one classes on the subject of tradition witchcraft and folk magic practices both online and in person.

Stevie Exploring Witchcraft


Newcastle witches, guided walking tour.p
The image known as the lost child by Hen

The Newcastle Witchery Tour is led by a traditional witch, not a Wiccan or pagan but a practitioner of folkloric witchcraft, the kind the Newcastle witches were accused of practising in Newcastle that led to there deaths. Hear of the dark man also know as the witch father but to most he is the devil. Learn of low magic spells, incantations and charms, psalms used in witchcraft still to this day, learn about the Newcastle cunning folk and how they would meet the man in black and the pacts they made with him to gain there powers. Find out about the witches beasts that of toad, hare, black dog, raven, crow and goat. See a real blackthorn blasting rod that belonged to a witch from the 1700's, the rod was used to spell live stock and to curse anyone who dare cross the witch. Dare use some of the witches tools to see into the spirit world and hear how the witches used lost souls, spirit and spirit familiars to do their bidding. Take part in a real crossroad rite, see if you can see any spirit forms. 

This Newcastle Witchery Tour meets outside the Newcastle Castle Keep with a short walk to the starting point, from here your guide will lead your through witchcraft history by old candle light and mystery, he himself is a witch, palm reader and tea leaf reader, many can claim it but not many have the proof. He will have with him a walking stick, a very sinister looking item that dates back to the 1700's and was used by his ancestors and passed down through his family along with that of the witch blood. You tour guide will allow you to see this item along with other items used within traditional witchcraft. Your guide walks the poison path and works with herbs to poison plants and has a wealth of arcane knowledge and he will have items of the craft with him including a spirit house which houses a spirit or whats known as a familiar spirit, this is within a ravens skull along with a witches spirit mirror that you can use if you dare as the witch talks you through looking into the spirit world to meet ancestors or the dead.

Price for the tour is £9.99 per person. Duration 1.5 hrs - 2 hrs

The image above known as the lost child by Henry Hetherington Emerson depicts the Castle Garth with St Nicholas Church in the -background during the witch trials and shows a Royalist ringing the bell to tell of witches; in the back right a Puritan man follows the old witch as a barber surgeon on the right looks on from his shop. This is the same path you will walk down, in the footsteps of this accused witch!

Available to book as a Private Tour only - No public dates

Minimum 10 people - £9.99 pp 

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