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Newcastle's Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk

Something wicked this way comes and it's in the form of Newcastle longest running and number one ghost walk. The award winning Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk created by Steven J Taylor for Alone In The Dark Entertainment has ran for over decade and scared as many as 30.000 ghost walkers in that time.

Ghost Walk Guides, Steven J Taylor and David Marshall. Newcastle Ghost Walks UK

The Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk was Newcastle's first all year round ghost walk that was created by writer and radio host Steven J Taylor after many years of research which led to the creation of the ghost walk which has always started from outside the haunted Castle Keep which today is named Newcastle's Castle.

Tour creature Steven J Taylor found that Newcastle was a rich and vibrant city and much like York or Edinburgh had the potential to host ghost walking tours with its dark histories, historical landscape and local legends. But Steven was faced with the perfect areas but the only problem was that they were crime ridden, covered in graffiti and gangs frequented them but with the help of Newcastle police and the local council they started the clean up, removing used needles and scrubbing away graffiti, cleaning pathways and helping litter pick. Alone In The Dark Entertainment then paid for private security to patrol the areas and remove loitering teens who were hell bent on climbing the od castle walls and causing havoc but within a few months the Newcastle Garth which would play host as the decaying and historical background to Steven's ghost walks became once again family friendly and safe to visit at night.

It launched month later in October 2007 with just 80 people on 2 tours and to Steven it was a hit, a real success and te tur grew each week from that. The next halloween would see thousand of people wanting tickets as the tour made the press after ghostwalkers started to see actual ghosts and experience real paranormal activity.

Within the coming years the tour would add a 2nd part called the Extreme Ghost Walk and was the first paranormal ghost tour in the world where you could experience the ghost walk but also a taste of the hunt by using paranormal tools on the tour but due to the sheer numbers of people have extreme experinces such as been grabed or thrown, hit and scratched the insurance company would make Alone In the Dark Entertainment pull the ghost walk off sale as they would not cover the tours due to the kinds of unexplained phenomena that had occurred.

But by now it had cemented its reputation as one of the most haunted tours in England that did not need jumper outers or fake scares as many tour do.

Today the Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk is one of the UK's most sought after ghost tours and has been featured in many books, press articles and even appeared on the Travel Channel

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