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Exploring Paranormal on YouTube!

So I have created a new YouTube channel called Exploring Paranormal which I am super happy with. I have been on the road in 2018 filming some haunted locations around the UK.

Above: Check out our visit to the haunted Jamaica Inn where we filmed ourselves sleeping in a demon room!

Back in September we went and visited the very haunted Jamaica Inn which is in the very spooky Bodmin in Cornwall to spend the night after I came across a online discussion where some ghost hunters had hired a room and attended the ghost hunt at the Inn only to return back to there rooms with an Ouija board they had bought in the shop at the Inn. Once back in the room they claim to have opened the board and made contact with many ghosts then a demon called Zozo who is said to be a evil demon that uses the Ouija board and acts a distressed spirit that needs help, often mimicking a child both in audio sound and on the board but what it does is make a connection with you, it keeps you coming back and using the board and eventually possesses you and then drives to misery and even suicide or murder. That night the women was scratched and heard a child playing, she fled in the night never to return!

So that sounded like the room that I wanted to book and film in, I figured we could go there spend a night and record ourselves sleeping but what I caught truly creeped me out. Check out that video along with the abandoned farm explore and a visit to a poltergeist tunnel.

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