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Ghost Walking Tours in Newcastle with a Twist!

If your looking for Ghost Walk in the Northeast of England then you have found some of the best spine tingling ghost walking tours in the country set within the historical areas of old Newcastle upon Tyne. and ran by the award winning Newcastle Ghost Walks who offer the most scary tours you could think of!

Newcastle Ghost Walks have the ghost walking tours in Newcastle since 2007 and have won many awards from the most scary to best ghost walk in Briton, tour of the year and many more.

The Newcastle Ghost Walks offer 4 main tours but they have two fantastic tours you cant get anywhere else in the UK!

The Black Death, Plague Tour and Ghost Walk: This tour is a fantastic way to see Newcastle's dark side with a trip t an abandoned plague cemetery on a hill where a ghost of a grave robber is a said to haunt. it is the only tour of its kind outside of London where you guide starts with the evil and twisted plague doctors mask before revealing his true identity. The guide flips between the two caricatures to create a very spooky tour with aid of smelling herbs, real stories and facts. This is not a tour you want to miss!

Newcastle Ghost Walks next hidden gem is our Newcastle Witches, The Ghost Walk, this is more of a historical tour with facts as you tour the real sites used during the 1649 witchcraft trials led by a real practising witch. The tour explores the traditional folk beliefs of the 1600's as it retells the stories, myths and legends of the Newcastle witches and shows off some real items related to witchcraft and the necromancer, with two of the items been found in the floors of old Newcastle buildings and are believed to be connected to real witches. This is a must for any aspiring witch or anyone with a fascination with witchcraft or Newcastle's stranger history.

The tour takes in the site of the prion used for the witches, to a house connected to one of the witches right to the court itself where 14 witches were found guilty. Hear of the witches pit and the executions, what they were found guilty of and what happened to the witch finder!

Whatever tour your looking for Newcastle Ghost Walks can offer you a visitor attraction like no other in Newcastle upon Tyne with full costume guides to real ghost hunters, historians or actors. Each of our tours can be tailored to schools and trips along with adult only tours and even pub walks!

Contact Newcastle Ghost walks on +44(0)7525639943


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